Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Connecticut Spin

What do you get when you have a group of enthusiastic quilters, a motivational color palette of solids and a challenge to create outside the box (or grid)?  You get a quilt called

 "Connecticut Spin." 

As always, it began with an idea. We wanted to represent our lovely state of Connecticut. Being the only Modern Quilt Guild in Connecticut, we incorporated the shape of our state into our quilt design. Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill came up with this design using Adobe Illustrator. She used 3",2", and 1" grids respectively. Pretty cool, right? 

From there, it was on to parceling out the fabric. Each guild member who participated created two blocks.  The only guidelines given were to use the white as the "negative space" of Connecticut. 

Each member could also use any of the solid colors in the palette or any prints that corresponded to the palette colors. In total, the quilt incorporated 11 big blocks, 11 medium blocks, 8 small blocks, and 12 mini blocks. We are proud to say that ALL members submitted their blocks on -time or well ahead of our piecing deadline.  

Block sample made by Terrie Langer. Do you see Connecticut? 

The finished blocks were handed back to Sheri who pieced them all together to create our top. Here it is being presented to our guild for a first hand look.

A little shout-out to all the quilt making participants: Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, Jennifer Greely, Dayna Harris, Lori Hashizume, Terrie Langer, Sharon Litvinoff, Michelle Lieberson, Suzanne McGovern, Jessica Daniele, Christine McCargar, Sue Ortoleva ,Kathleen Reale, Betsy Ryan Lisa Stahl, Garen Sherwood, Parthena Wollen
A close-up of  some of our blocks. Do you see Connecticut spinning?
You can't have a front without a back. Everyone donated any extra solids or prints they had to the cause. Several members of our group took these fabrics and constructed this equally colorful quilt back.

Progress has been made and the end is in sight. 
The time had come to create our sandwich and quilt it. Janice Roy, a long-arm quilter in our area, did the honors. She echoed the shape of Connecticut all over. Guild member, Suzanne McGovern, volunteered to bind and another member, Kathleen Reale, embroidered our logo (the state of Connecticut) onto our label. (Can you tell we really love our state and guild?) Needless to say, we were excited and pleased to see the final result.

Just waiting for the label to be sewn on

Our final step will be to decide on our charity. We have many to chose from but are pretty certain that this particular quilt will be given to a child in need.We just hope s/he loves it as much as we loved putting it together (which was a lot). 

Thanks to the Modern Quilt Guild for the (Alternate Grid Work) Charity Challenge! 
 In the creative spirit of quilters everywhere, we await the next one. 

The Members of the SCMQG