Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What Have We Been Up To?

Since our meetings are constantly brewing with challenges, techniques, and ideas, a photo montage of all the show and tells for the last two meetings seemed appropriate. Pictures (and a few captions) are worth a thousand words. As you can see below, every meeting provides a visual feast. 
A T-shirt quilt for Lori's son

Suzanne's English Paper Pieced Baby Quilt

Lisa's Garden Bales
Sheri's Jewels

Gail's Tuffett

Sharon's Hearts

Betsy's Swoon Bag

CarolAnne's  Halloween Spirit, Little Chickens,and mini-quilt

Maybeth's Crosses

Lori's Vintage Dress

Betsy's Baby Quilt

We will end this post with our charity quilt called "Wish Upon A Square".  It was donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation whose auction will be held on November 7th.  Hope it goes to someone who will appreciate its beauty.

The Big Reveal: Merritt Parkway (Route 15) Bridges Reconstructed

The 2016 MQG Charity Quilt is on its way.  Inspired by the very bridges we go over and under on a weekly if not daily basis, the quilt interprets the beauty of the Merritt Parkway (Route 15). Back in the day, the Merritt arose from the vision of a parkway that would not only make travel through Connecticut easier, but also aesthetically pleasing. To this day, people travel its roads and admire the amazing and beautiful diversity of bridges within Connecticut's natural landscape.

Using the color palette selected by the MQG, we improvised blocks based on the bridges of The Merritt Parkway. We created colorful snapshots of our favorite bridges, attempting to capture the lines and curves of these historic bridges.

Discussing inspirational bridges
Wondering and thinking about how we will put it all together
Admiring the blocks
We will see where this modern interpretation of the Merritt will take us. Our next step will be to create a layout that frames the blocks and ties them together. Keep an eye out for updates on Facebook.