Thursday, May 17, 2018

Quilters of the SCTMQG: Cheryl Kirk

How did you get started quilting? 

A neighbor taught me. She knew I did garment sewing and desired I should be a quilter.

How long have you been a quilter?

26 years

How many quilts do you think you have made in that time?

Not sure how many I have made. Too many to count.

What is the story behind the first quilt you ever made?

The first quilt I ever made was a McCalls pattern. I made it for my nephew and I knew nothing about quilting. I could sew , so how hard could it be? I made an applique quilt in greys, black and white as that is what babies can see first. He still has it. It apparently is in shreds from him dragging it around.

How would you describe your style of quilting?

I would say it is a mix of modern and traditional. I just like to make things, to try new techniques. It is such a relaxing thing for me.

What is your favorite type of quilt to make? (Paper pieced, applique, etc. ) Why?

Pieced quilts are my favorite. I just love to see them come together.

What tool or tools could you not live without and why?

My favorite rotary cutter and my seam ripper. I have many rotary cutters but my favorite one cuts the best. My seam ripper as it can be used as a seam ripper and a stiletto.

What are your favorite materials to work with in terms of threads, fabrics, and batting?

Aurifil thread is my favorite thread for piecing and machine embroidery. For fabric, I LOVE all Tula Pink fabrics. I have to have each collection she puts out. My favorite. Batting is Dream Orient by Quilters Dream. It is so soft and has great drape. Such a nice feel in a quilt.

Which colors do you gravitate toward in your quilts?/Which color have you never used or want to use?

I love brights and use them mostly. As for a color I never use I don't have one I never use, it may only be a small amount of a color. Least used is yellow.

How many UFO’s do you have?

Too many to count! Our UFO challenge is helping me finish some of them up but I still have a long way to go to get them all finished.

If someone were to peek in on your quilting time, what would they see? 

A crazy hot mess! I am always working on several projects at a time. Custom Quilts, class samples and of course at least one quilt that I just have to make.

What themes do you see in your quilts?

I am intrigued by diamonds right now. I haven’t really started on any diamond Quilts year but have several ready to go as soon as I can clear another project from my sewing room.

What were some turning points in your quilting process?

The biggest turning point was when I got my longarm. Now I can make a quilt from start to finish. It is such a sense of accomplishment.

Who are the people, artists, quilters, etc. you look to for encouragement and inspiration in quilting?

My biggest inspiration comes from Tula Pink. Her fabrics are so inspiring. I just want to make a quilt that does justice to her beautiful fabrics.

Where else do you find inspiration for your quilts?

I find inspiration in nature, especially at the beach. I love the softness of ocean colors. Such calming colors. But have been working mostly in brights right now because the fabrics are so appealing.

What do you like best about quilting?

The best part of quilting is finishing a project!

Where are you headed in your quilting, and what would you like to learn more about?

I have designed a few of my own quilts and would like to do more of that.i have many ideas I just need to get them on paper and then done in fabric.

What would you want to try if time and money were no object?

I would love to open my own retreat center close to the beach. Then I can share my love of quilting with the relaxing atmosphere of the ocean.

Last Question: What are you working on right now?

I am working on a Tula Pink Catnip Quilt. I finished one in the Tabby Road fabric line but now want to do a brighter one including many of her fabric lines.