Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Quilters of the SCTMQG Series: Suzanne McGovern

How did you get started quilting? 

My Grandmother made quilts and I knew I wanted to make them. I always thought, when I finished school, I would have her teach me but she passed before I finished. Still interested, when I was newlywed and new to town, I found an adult ed class in Milton, MA and I signed up to learn the basics. 

How long have you been a quilter?

I started in 1976 and sewed for several years. I've come back to it in the last five years.

How many quilts do you think you have made in that time?

Maybe 30+

What is the story behind the first quilt you ever made?

I made a baby quilt for a friend I met in Lamaze class.

Suzanne's First Quilt

How would you describe your style of quilting?


I'm a little scattered-still finding my style-I lean toward small and improv.

What is your favorite type of quilt to make? (Paper pieced, applique, etc. ) Why?

Currently, I'm really enjoying applique. I'm working on a flower quilt and seeing a real difference in my style and ability. 

Suzanne's Favorite Quilt

What tool or tools could you not live without and why?

I would not have restarted quilting without a Rotary cutter and ruler! 

What are your favorite materials to work with in terms of threads, fabrics, and batting?

polka dots, stripes, ginghams

Which colors do you gravitate toward in your quilts?/Which color have you never used or want to use?

Bright pastels--NO purple

How many UFO’s do you have?

More than 12! So many, in different stages, it's hard to tell! 

If someone were to peek in on your quilting time, what would they see?


What themes do you see in your quilts? (Colors, shapes, techniques,etc.)

Improv -I prefer no pattern and random fabric selection.

What were some turning points in your quilting process?

The first class I took when I re-started was Denyse Schmidt's improv class - I remember thinking how much things had changed since I made cardboard patterns! 

Who are the people, artists, quilters, etc. you look to for encouragement and inspiration in quilting?

Freddy Moran, Gwen Marstin, Denyse Schmidt, Victoria Findley Wolfe to name just a few

Where else do you find inspiration for your quilts?


What do you like best about quilting?

the community, the relaxation in making quilts and gifting

Where are you headed in your quilting, and what would you like to learn more about?

I do it for pleasure and now I would just like to improve my skills.

What would you want to try if time and money were no object?


Last Question: What are you working on right now?

A UFO to check off my list!

Friday, June 9, 2017

May Makings

It's that time again! Our June meeting is set for tomorrow, June 10th. This meeting will be a sew-in from 10-2. Bring a sewing machine, or handwork. If you need a project or would like to help, several charity quilts need binding.  

Wondering what happened at the last meeting? Here's the list of some of the things you need to know for the upcoming year.

  •  Phil Goldman will speak and hold a class on September 9th.
  •  Any one who wants can participate in the Round Robin beginning this month. Everyone involved will share their blocks and the switching of directions,etc. will happen at every meeting. For more information contact Cheryl.
  • The UFO challenge is underway. Write down which 12 UFOs you want to finish. For everyone you finish you get to pick out a fat quarter. Finish all twelve in a year and get a gift certificate to a quilt shop. 
  • We need volunteers for the Communication Committee. We are looking for someone to work on the blog and be in charge of putting posts up on the Modern Quilt Guild. We want people to be able to find us so very important to do the latter as well as the former. 
  • There will be  a Shop Hop on September 14th and 15th. One day will travel the East side of CT and the next day will travel the west side. Lunch is included. Passports are $7. For more details talk to Cheryl.
  • Possible retreat coming up. More information coming. 
  • Brenda will plan another trip into N.Y. for September or October. Don't miss out! Great stories and great fun
  • We are interviewing our quilt members about their foray into quilting, quilt projects,etc.  Click here to get started.  
It is going to be a busy year!   

Of course, no blog post would be complete without our sharing our works in progress. Enjoy and see you tomorrow! 
Gail gave us a lovely history of quilts with meaning or political connotations from the women's rights movement, and underground railfroad to the AIDS quilt. She then showed us her needle-turn applique mini-quilt "Nevertheless, She Persisted". 

 Michelle shared with us the Tallis she made for her Bat Mitzvah. So interesting to hear about all the symbolism involved in the construction -from the knots to the corners.

 Suzanne found a deal in Brimfield. Handsewn blocks for $4

Maybeth brought in the finished top with her word blocks.

Lori was in a similar state of mind this week with her word quilt.

 Brenda shared her Lone Star block work which she continued working on at a sew-in with ladies in her town.

We ended the meeting with a scissor fob craft.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

April Gathering

First, a thank you to Gail for her lovely write-up of our meeting in the guild minutes. If you have already read it, you can skim through this post for a couple of additional photos but if you haven't please check out the guild minutes and guild pictures.  

Second, thanks to Susan for taking photos because a certain someone (ahem) forgot her phone. Luckily we had these two lovely ladies to help out in a crunch. 

So, we had a cozy April meeting. While some of our members were away at a quilt retreat, the rest of us decided to mix things up a little bit.

We enjoyed an impromptu tutorial on how to use Instagram by Brenda. Thanks Brenda! She helped us work out the kinks in our use and also reminded us to follow #scmqg  on Instagram. We see a future for more technology based tutorials in the future.

This group also went over some ideas and rules for a possible tag sale, ideas to connect to other guilds in the area and the need to build a list of quilt guilds, shows, and challenges in CT. It would be great to connect with others in the state and be aware of all the opportunities around Connecticut.

Show and tell began with a first...first quilt that is. Parthena brought her first quilt and shared the story behind it. All our quilts tell a story and show our progress and process in quilting.  We want to showcase the stories of the quilters in our guild so stay tuned for a questionnaire about your own personal foray into quilting.

 Christine shared her blocks made out of mattress ticking and Cherrywood Fabrics.

Suzanne's baby quilt for a baby girl dazzled us with its flowers.

 To love or not to love a mini-quilt was the question. Suzanne decided to love hers by transforming it into a functional bag.

 Maybeth used Marcia Derse Fabrics to construct these applique circles.

She was also inspired by one of Brenda's quilts to make a quilt with words. "Make do", "Use up", and "Recycle" made it into this improv quilt.

Susan's quilts would go here. Since she was taking pictures, she didn't send pics of her quilts but they can be found in the minutes! This is the year she plans to tackle all her UFOs.

 The colors in this quilt motivated Barbara to create a double disappearing nine patch block which coincidentally is the biggest quilt she has ever made.

 The math quilt hanging comes along with some echo quilting. 

 Lois models her colorful, quilty jacket for us. 

 She demonstrates the thread art on the back of her garden quilt. 

 Here she reveals her ornate flower garden with fluttering bees and birds. 

 Brenda displays a gift for a friend's baby. 

 These blocks demonstrate a joint venture into improv between Brenda and her mom.

 Parthena decided to try her hand at a mini quilt challenge. 

 She also brought in bags and pillow cases she has been working on for her nieces and nephews.

 Parthena also constructed this signature quilt for her godson's first birthday. 

Our last presenter, Gail, modeled her knit brain hat. It was a gift for her son who was participating in the March for Science.

Fun times with more to be had. Tomorrow, May 11th, a few of us are heading into New York for a tour of favorite fabric spots with Brenda. Everyone is welcome.

Also, don't forget our meeting this Saturday, May 13th at the Weston Public Library. As always looking forward to seeing all of you then.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Bye,Bye 2016! Hello 2017!

In December, we celebrated another great year. Looking back over the blog, one can see that this group has created 90+ quilts and projects in this year alone. Of course, these are just the projects brought to our meetings. 

These meetings afford us inspiration and a deep appreciation for the unique skills and talents of this group. This year we have been inundated with a plethora of sewing goodness from handbags to a wide variety of quilt styles and techniques to even a rabbit! Per usual, the year ended with  a great show and tell.

A quilt in honor of Michelle for three years of leadership- a tribute to her love of bags

Jeremy's quilt inspired by a paint lid painting

Brenda's Old MacDonald's book for her  kids

Peek-a-boo with Maybeth?  NICU quilt

Visit from Mary Ana with her NY based quilt

N.Y. inspired fabric

Lori's Freewheeling Quilt

Lori's interpretation of Victoria Findley Wolfe's "Victory" Pattern

Luna Lapin visits the SCMQG

Veronica's animal yoga

Do you know your yoga poses?

Tennis anyone?  Veronica's "40- Love Quilt"

Sherri's Applique Patterns

Barbara with a math quilt update

Also showing us a wall hanging in the making

A quilter's paradise
To round the meeting out, we had the bonus of a fabric scrap swap. Everyone brought in as many bags of unused scraps as they wanted and exchanged them for the same amount. Such a great idea and so fun to go "shopping" for new fabrics.
Sifting through to find our new favorites


..and still going...

Did I mention the food and drinks everyone brought? You can't end the year without food.  No photos though because, well, someone was to busy eating and drinking. Ooops!

That was our year!  Good-bye 2016!  Happy New Year everyone! We will be off to a great start with our meeting on January 7th(tomorrow) with our regular congress and a sew-in. Don't forget your supplies and a favorite quilting tool to share. 

On a last note, may the New Year bring you a dwindling WIP pile, an ever plentiful fabric supply, and endless inspiration.  Let's make this year better than the last. Time to get quilting! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

November Thankfulness

A feeling of thankfulness is a theme of the holidays so it seems right to thank Michelle, who started this group, and her accomplices Sherri, Jennifer and Gail. Thanks to all of you for taking positions on the board and keeping this Guild on track.  We have you to thank for being able to congregate and share our love of Modern Quilting.  On Dec. 10th we will celebrate the third year of the Southern Connecticut Modern Quilt Guild and we wouldn't have made it this far without your passion for quilting, leadership and support.

Also, a big thank you to all our members who have stepped up to help with block of the month challenges, donations of blocks, design of charity quilts, and technique sharing, among other things. Everyone plays a part in making this group what it is.

Thanks to all the members who chime in on Facebook from afar with ideas and quilts, and also to those who show up to meetings and share their process and quilts with us up close.

There is a lot to be thankful for and on Dec. 10th we get to celebrate this great group of people and their creativity. There will be munchies as usual, so if you haven't seen the sign up sheet, you can head on over to Facebook (November 29th post by Michelle) to sign up to bring something.

Everyone is also invited to bring along a gallon sized bag (or two) full of scraps for a swap.  It is a great way to get rid of fabrics you're tired of and to challenge yourself with different fabrics.

Last but not least, don't forget to bring your check or cash for $50 to renew your membership. Let's enjoy another year of quilty goodness together.

 Gail explains the next block of the month-Negative Space in a Log Cabin.

Maybeth shares how her monthly blocks came together. Can you find the dog, dancing chickens, and queen?

Christine pieced together this "Legend" quilt.

The quilt was for a daughter's friend. If you look closely,
the animals look like they have been boxed in with the quilting. 

Terrie displayed her Connecticut pride. 

Terrie used the fabrics from our dying workshop with Richard Killeaney
to construct Sherri's Dragonfly Quilt.
Sis Boom named some fabrics after Terrie. How cool is that!

 Parthena finished off a charity block for the NICU.

Here is the back. 

Rebecca made waves with this pattern which has been accepted for publication. 

A quick peek of the back

Rebecca displayed another pattern. 

 Barbara showed us her I Spy Quilts. 

She exhibited her quilting as well. 

Jeremy told the story of how this quilt was made and quilted by his six year old son. 

Jeremy explained his inspiration for the "broken glass pane" look on his quilt. 

What a fun green on the back!

Barbara's math theme quilt needed some advice with making fabric rise Trapunto style.

Michelle debated categories to enter the quilt under at Quiltcon with advice from the group. 

 Gail assembled a special wallet for attending quilting events. The areas for storing ribbons are a plus. 

Gail constructed this bag to tote all your quilting essentials, especially a mat. 

She created this beautiful butterfly out of shot silk. 

 Don't forget that our meeting is at the Weston Town Hall. See you all on the 10th!