Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hadley Challenge Spotlight: Terrie Harper Langer

Terrie Langer's Inspiration for the Hadley Challenge

Terrie with her quilt top at the July 12th meeting. She shares with us her color choice and inspiration below.

"When I started this project I wasn't sure what colorway to go with or whether I should use all three. I always joke that I will never wear orange or brown, as it was a uniform I wore for many years managing Pioneer Chicken Restaurants (think KFC and 50+ hour work weeks) in Southern California! I went with the orange(will also wear brown now and then) and was inspired by Denyse Shmidt's pattern,Between the Lines.  Suzanne had done a huge quilt for her daughter using the same pattern and shared it with us at our last meeting.  So, this is my take on Between the Lines.  I had actually cut my fabric for another pattern and switched patterns after cutting; forget all about measure twice and cut once!  I used paper piecing to make the 8 1/2 inch blocks.  The quilt came together quickly.  The top is finished and now on to quilting...  a whole other story." XO,Terrie     

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