Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hadley Challenge Spotlight: Garen Brien Sherwood

“Today is the day!!”

I will admit, as the lovely fat quarter bundles of Hadley were passed out at our Guild’s meeting earlier this summer, I was gutted that there was not one for me to play with and join the Hadley Challenge by Denyse. Utterly gutted, but as I was a new member – my second meeting - I totally understood.
Still . . .
When Terrie offered up her extras I was over the moon!! I get to play too!!! And then Jennifer offered up hers! Score! Between these two lovely ladies my quilt was good to go - just needed a pattern.
I was searching through my archives of “quilts I someday want to make and other important (?) quilt papers “ for something else when I found it! Nestled in a binder from 2005/6/7 was my pattern.  Free Spirit had a free pattern for Flea Market Fancy!! And I had the print out! After reading the directions I realized why I had not already made it – templates. Just not a fan – this is a plastic sheet free house and cereal boxes are few and far between around here. So someday. Once I found it –it became today is the day I will make this quilt – grant it my way. I love it! It totally makes me happy and the colors rock!
I channeled my inner Denyse, and had bags of strips. I will admit to a small amount of editing – I really tried not too but....

Oh yeah and the quilting – well I thought I would listen to the quilt and quilt it that way – perhaps never again – it was rather verbose in its needs. Love it but massively time consuming!
Thanks for letting me play!

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