Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hadley Spotlight Challenge: Parthena Wollen

I had a really hard time picking out my inspiration because I wanted to try many different patterns.  The curves, the blocks, the pops.....just so many new techniques and shapes to try. I finally decided to focus on  Denyse Schmidt's pattern Flock of Triangles. It was the orange that drew me. I figured I would use  the orange and browns in Hadley to make my quilt. Well, my vision did not turn out like I thought it would so I changed the color scheme.

Still sticking with the Flock of Triangles, I decided to use all the beautiful Hadley fabrics. After cutting out the triangles and putting them together, I realized that the quilt looked too busy.  I wanted to throw in solids but didn't have enough of a variety of solids to throw in there.  (Did I mention that I was trying to use the fabric stash I had, and not buy any more fabric to complete this quilt? A self-imposed challenge for which my husband is probably very thankful!)

Anyway, I split the triangles, or birds, as I saw them, into pairs. I had them going in one direction like Denyse's quilt but then  moved them up, down, and around. I wanted the triangles (or birds as I lovingly call them) to show movement in different directions so I came up with this. Not exactly the Flock of Triangles pattern but definitely inspired by it and a multi-directional life.

 My family and I are constantly in motion, whether it is moving to a new house (this summer), getting new jobs, and/or trying new things. Our pathways seem to always be changing and pointing to or following different directions. Whichever way you hold up the quilt, triangles are flying off in all four directions. I like that. This is going to be my quilt and I'm calling it Pathways.

The gray and brown

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