Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hadley Spotlight Challenge: Suzanne Thivierge McGovern

In July, I began mapping out a project for the Hadley Challenge. In early August , I started to doubt my timing and questioned whether I could finish on time.  I returned to Denyse Schmidt's books for new inspiration. I decided to whip-up a doll-size "Postage Stamp" quilt . I wanted to be sure I had something to submit  and I happen to like working small-scale.

It  was fun making this spontaneous little quilt.  It worked up quickly and I was happy with the finished product.  So, I stuck with it and just kept going.  I made four and sewed them together.  

I added one light and dark solid fabric from the generous stack of Hadley fabrics.  Using Denyse's bag method, I separated the fabric into lights and darks. This eliminated any tendency to obsess over color and placement. I promised myself I would not edit any of my pulls---no matter what! 

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